About Zingerman’s Food Tours

Zingerman’s Food Tours are part of the Zingerman’s Mail Order company, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. We love to share wonderful experiences and fabulous food, people and places with our guests and we love what we do!

Our Tour Leaders

International Tours
Every tour is led by one of our passionate Zingerman’s hosts. As your concierge, we’ll be with you at all times, to make sure that each tour is fantastic. We partner with local tour guides, to provide you with the best possible experience and access to the traditional foods of the region and provide the authentic sense of place you desire.

Great American Food Tours
Every tour is led by one of our passionate Zingerman’s hosts. We’ve built these tours based on our friendships with local chefs, farmers, distillers and food producers. We go behind the scenes, tasting and drinking at the side of our local food hosts. Authentic, real and direct connection to the source of great American food, its source and its soul…that’s our goal.

Our Tour Partners

Some of our current tour partnerships
For our Tuscany and Morocco tours, we have teamed up with Peggy Markel, long-time fellow culinary adventurer and food guide extraordinaire. For more than two decades Peggy has traversed the Mediterranean and North Africa, and she designs and directs her own brand of culinary tours in which enjoyment of the present place and moment plays a pivotal role.

For our Sicily and Piedmont tours, we work closely with Attavola and Gioacchino Passalacqua, an Italian food and wine importer/exporter, gastronome, tour guide, adventurer, and native Sicilian who divides his time between Sicily, Italy and New York. As a native Mediterranean, Gioacchino has developed relationships with food producers, restauranteurs, olive oil companies, chocolatiers, vintners, and confectioners.

For our Hungary and Croatia tours, our partners are Carolyn and Gábor Banfalvi of Taste Hungary, founded in 2008. The concept of Taste Hungary was born when Carolyn and Gábor decided to turn their passion for Hungarian food and wine into an outlet for introducing travelers to the authentic tastes and flavors of Hungary. Carolyn and Gábor have two girls and a baby boy, who (luckily) love tagging long with their parents on their research trips throughout Hungary, Croatia, and Central Europe.

For our Spain tours, we collaborate with husband and wife Ana Cereijo and John Cancilla. Ana is from Talavera de la Reina, Spain, and John, a native Californian, has been living in Spain since 1987. Two decades ago they began working with gourmet food and wine producers in various ways, including helping them to reach the US market, and that brought them in to contact with Zingerman’s.