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Zingerman’s Food Tours at the Fancy Food Show 2010

We decided to go to the Fancy Food Show this year, in NYC June 27-29, 2010, to talk with traditional producers from around the world (or the distributors/importers who represent them). The show was huge, two floors with thousands of booths, and the program said there were 180,000 products. I believe it. Lots of chocolate, and cheese, a surprising amount of yogurt, and really every kind of product imaginable, from marinated baby beets to barbecue. I was surprised how broadly “fancy” is defined – it does not necessarily mean small, that’s for sure! There were some small producers and/or their importers there however, and we had great conversations with some of them. We are very intrigued now with the idea of going to Peru, time to learn more about what sounds like really incredible Peruvian food and food traditions.

Walking to the Javits Center from Port Authority bus station, past the NY Times building.

The main entrance to the show. It was verboten to take photos inside.