Four Days of Flavor

Say “Paris” to a food lover and we immediately conjure visions of flavorful pâtés and terrines spilling out of the charcuteries, bountiful cases of unpasteurized cheeses you can’t legally bring into America, buttery croissants and crusty baguettes stacked in the baskets of artisanal boulangeries, old world cafés with outdoor seating and the immense pleasure of drinking Pastis on a summer’s eve while people-watching. Paris has long been a city bursting with reasons to fall in love with food.

Champagne is one of those locations that puts us in a blissful state like no other. Okay, maybe it’s the bubbles, but it’s also the passion we see in the small producers and the younger generations trying to be more sustainable while staying true to their quality and traditions. Every trip we make, we meet someone inspiring who keeps us hopeful for the next generation. It’s the most famous and often most expensive wine in the world, yet it can be very hard for young winemakers to eke out a living in the region. For us, this is the REAL story. The new generation of earth conscious producers, the challenges they face, and how they make their mark in an industry that stretches back a thousand years. That isn’t easy.

Come along for our four day food & wine focused tour of Paris and Champagne. See these classic destinations through the expert culinary lens (and palate) of Zingerman’s Food Tours in partnership with Palatine as we explore the history and roots of French & Parisian cuisine, following the arc from old to new.



Paris & Champagne


DATES - april 23 - 27, 2020

TRAVELERS - 6-8 people (minimum of 6 people to run)

Seats Remaining - 8

PRICE $4800 per person




This trip is designed for novice or experienced travelers with a passion for great food and drink. We encourage those who are curious to learn about the rich culinary culture and history of a destination. Our guests have open minds, adventurous spirits, and a deep passion for traditional foods and its modern-day evolutions. They are adults of all ages who enjoy long walks and exploring. We keep the group small, 8 guests maximum. This tour will have two Zingerman’s hosts as your guides and a few local guides to help along the way.



What’s Included?

  • Amazing food – Local lunches, and dinners at some of our favorites in the region. We will enjoy traditional regional specialties made with fresh ingredients.

  • Behind-the-scenes visits with artisanal producers.

  • Visits to some of the most traditional and exciting food establishments in Paris–old and new–along with a guided walk through the city, amazing food and we’ll learn of the emerging wine scene.

  • Two  Zingerman’s tour hosts and our guides will be at your disposal at all times.

  • Public/Private transportation

  • Hotel accommodations for 4 nights


What’s Not Included?

  • Airfare

  • Alcoholic beverages that are not specifically included in the itinerary.

  • Personal spending money

What about accommodations?

You will be staying in a clean, conveniently located and uniquely Parisian hotel with private bathrooms. There is a lovely hotel bar and restaurant with great outdoor seating should you find yourself a free moment to relax. The hotels of Paris are full of charm and amazing service but keep in mind that the bones of the buildings are centuries old, and the scale of the rooms is much smaller than in a typical American hotel, so space will be limited. Our hotel will have an elevator to allow easy luggage transfers to and from your room.

In Champagne we’ll be staying at Hotel Les Avisés, a lovely boutique hotel operated by the Anselme Selosse.



Welcome lunch and lesson at TENBELLES

  • Walking and Eating tour for the Marais 

  • Opening dinner and Wine tasting at La Rigmarole

Day 1
Paris (thR)


Coffee Brûlerie BELLEVILLE 

  • Dégustation Lunch - Cheese LES PAROLES DES FROMAGERS

  • Afternoon break and walk about on your own

  • Private dinner Mokonuts

Day 2
Paris (FRI)


Day 3
Champagne (SAT)

Later morning departure > Paris to Reims

  • Check into hotel - Bernardo Lesson

  • Head to Reims for Cathedral tour

Dinner and Lesson Pt 2 at Au Bon Manger


Late morning start to SELEQUE


  • Return to hotel 

  • Cellar tour and final dinner with Selosse

Day 4
Champagne (SUN)


**One thing to note: this itinerary is the current plan, and things may change. We will make every effort to provide the tours and experiences that are described. However, the nature of an ever changing city means that plans may change at the last minute. Also, you always have the option of skipping a particular excursion, but please note that we will be unable to make refunds for any missed meals or other events.


Your adventure is waiting.