Press and Testimonials

“Every day seemed to bring another unique and wonderful experience, or more than one. There is no doubt we did things out of reach of ordinary tours.”
–Guest, Spain Tour

“Zingerman’s Food Tours strive for an authentic experience. We got a feel for the real character of the places we visited, without feeling rushed or like we were seeing something produced for tourists, all the while remaining comfortable and extremely well fed.”
–Guest, Spain Tour

“We sampled the best available food and experiences, things we might not be able to find on our own. The emphasis on learning the culture and cuisine gave us new insights that will shape our thinking and cooking forever.”
–Judy & Steve Z, Tuscany Tour

“What I liked the best about the experience is the harmonious way that we learned about the food, the wine, and the culture of the people in this area. Everything was weaved beautifully together like a fine tapestry.”
–Bliss, Tuscany

“A perfect travel experience with wonderful food, wine and history.”
–Pat, Croatia Tour

“Sublime! The melding of a food experience with personal passion and national culture—you simply cannot manufacture that quality of experience without all three elements.”
–Guest, Spain Tour

“I’d recommend this trip to anyone. I had a great time, and between the restaurants and the field trips, it’s definitely something I could never have experienced if I had just gone on vacation on my own.”
–Kelly, Sicily Tour

“A fantastic way to see a glimpse of a country with a focus on its food and the people who bring that food to you, run by professionals from Zingerman’s with the quality you would expect.”
–Mark, Tuscany Tour

“The organization of the trip meets the needs and expectations of all ages, both genders, and people from all kinds of backgrounds. It is a universal approach that allows each traveler the chance to experience the journey uniquely.”
–Kathy, Tuscany Tour