Foods · Morocco · March 24 - April 2, 2019 · 5 spots left

Morocco means citrus and spices, lamb, chicken, and seafood, chickpeas and nuts, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, cous cous and breads, and much more. It is a meeting of cuisines and cultures over thousands of years, including Berber, Middle Eastern, Moorish, French, Spanish.

We will learn directly from Moroccan cooks and producers about the traditional elements of Moroccan cooking – from aromatic spices and hand-crafted cous cous, to the distinctive tagine cooking pot and the wonderful savory dishes made in it, to the hand-made bread baked in Berber clay ovens. We will have numerous opportunities to try our hand at making traditional dishes, together with a wonderful local chef who will share her techniques and her recipes.

We’ll explore the spice market of Marrakech and learn how to identify fresh spices and true saffron. We’ll eat fruits and vegetables and herbs freshly picked from our guesthouse gardens. During our time in the mountains we’ll learn about capers and figs, carob and wild herbs, and visit the walnut groves and terraced gardens of Berber mountain agriculture. On the seaside we’ll sample fabulous local seafood, and dishes influenced by Portuguese conquerors. And take a camel ride on the beach.










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