Foods · Paris & Champagne, France · October 18 - 26th, 2019 · 10 spots left

We’ll eat and drink our fill of the amazing specialty foods and wines — some of which aren’t even allowed in the U.S. — and we’ll immerse ourselves in the food culture of Paris and Champagne.  As we explore the city of Paris, we’ll pay behind-the-scenes visits to some of the best artisanal producers in the city, gaining special access otherwise unavailable to the public. Throughout our trip’s visits to food and winemakers, we will explore the route between the old world traditions of Paris and the evolution to the modern day food scene in Paris. How does a private visit to the world’s largest wholesale food market sound, for a crash course in the prized regional ingredients?  Or a visit to the Champagne makers revolutionizing the industry?


During these 9 days, we’ll be up close and personal with the famous French baguette, charcuteries, and cheeses, and will learn about and explore French pastries, including a formal education on the famous French macaron. We will focus quite a bit on wines, and visit several family-operated vineyards in Champagne,  seeing through the eyes of both traditionalist winemakers and of the new generation making meaningful and low intervention wines. Through the perspectives of both the traditional and the avant-garde, you will gain a full picture of where French wine and food culture came from, and where it’s headed today.


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