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May 18-28, 2015 $5,800/person, $6,200/single 15 people
Hungary has an incredibly rich and varied food tradition reaching back at least 1500 years, including an Eastern European Jewish influence. From the regional cheeses, wines, cured meats, and bountiful produce, to the incredible breads, pastries, and elegant multi-layered tortas, Hungary has it all. Come find out how much more there is to Hungarian food than its excellent paprika! Learn more »

Traverse City /Leelanau Peninsula, MI

May 29-31, 2015 $1,350/person, $1,550/single 15 people (Full, Wait List)
The Traverse City and Leelanau Peninsula area of Michigan is a foodie paradise! We have created a very special 3-day tour - you will taste delicious artisan foods and beverages at the hands of the folks who grow and make them. The producers will open their workshops to us and share their passion for what they do. Come see for yourself why there's so much "buzz" these days about this lovely area, and enjoy the incredible cheeses, chocolates, breads, wines, and more. Learn more » FULL, WAIT LIST.


October 3-12, 2015 $6,250/person, $6,750/single 15 people (Full, Wait List)
Come visit Tuscany and Emilia Romagna the Zingerman’s way. We’ll go behind the scenes and visit traditional small producers of some of the region’s finest foods – from the massive wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano, to the beautiful, small bottles of real balsamic vinegar, from Chianti Classico wines and artisanal olive oil to the melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto crudo. And we’ll roll up our sleeves and enjoy Tuscan cooking lessons in a 15th century villa in the rolling hills outside of Florence. Learn more »


April 16 to 26, 2016 $6,350/person sharing a room, $6,850/single 14 people
The area southwest of Madrid, sometimes called the pantry of Spain, has amazing artisanal food and wine, and we will savor it to the fullest. We'll learn directly from the producers about their fantastic olive oils, cheeses, wines, chocolates, pimenton, and more. And of course, we'll do full honors to the king of cured pork - jamón Ibérico de bellota, created only in this region from the famed black-footed pigs who dine on the acorns (bellota) that fall from the plentiful Spanish oak trees. We'll enjoy the beauty of the region and taste our way through some of the best food Spain has to offer. Learn more »

Partner Tours

Do you want to go somewhere else abroad, and want to travel with someone we recommend? We work closely with a few long-time friends of Zingerman’s, who offer some additional tours.

Peggy Markel of Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures

Peggy’s vision of diving deep into the culture of a region through the food, is very much aligned with what we do on our own tours.


This wonderful tour is based in Marrakech, and spends time in the Atlas mountains and on the seaside in Essaouira. Enjoy hands-on cooking classes at the beautiful villa outside of Marrakech that will be your home for much of the tour. The warmth of the people will capture your heart, along with the delicious cuisine, beautiful architecture, and stunning scenery. Give us a call or email if you’re interested in learning more: 888-316-2736, or email foodtoursatzingermansdotcom

Seville, Spain

During this week you will experience southern Spain in warm Andalucian style. Here, you come to understand the importance of the table and the quality of ingredients that grace the plate, drawing from the richness of local ingredients. You will get a taste of it all, along with the dramatic history of Seville, Flamenco and the surrounding countryside. Give us a call or email if you’re interested in learning more: 888-316-2736, or email foodtoursatzingermansdotcom.

Tasting Royal Rajasthan, India

Embark on a passage to India with Peggy Markel, on a ground-breaking journey to discover the superb cuisine and incredible cultural wonders of one of the world’s most intriguing civilizations. Give us a call or email if you’re interested in learning more: 888-316-2736, or email foodtoursatzingermansdotcom.

Amalfi Sailing

Sail with Peggy among the splendid towns of the Amalfi coast. Amalfi, being the oldest Maritime Republic in Italy, boasts a history as rich and dramatic as the coastal cliffs ascending behind it. Meandering from cove to harbor on a private sailboat, enjoying simple fresh dishes drawing on the wealth of the Mediterranean and the specialized agricultural traditions which flourish above each village. Whimsy, leisure, and a sense of harmony with the sun, wind and sea give this culinary adventure a special flair and a novel perspective on this intriguing region. Call it “slow sailing!” Give us a call or email if you’re interested in learning more: 888-316-2736, or email foodtoursatzingermansdotcom.

Gioacchino Passalacqua of Attavola

Through his experience as an exporter of traditional Italian food, Gioacchino has developed relationships with artisanal food producers all over Italy.

Puglia, Italy

Contact us! 888-316-2736 4 to 7 people
Come explore this beautiful southern coastal region of Italy, cherished by Italians and held by some to have the most amazing food in the country, and yet very little known to the rest of the world. Learn more »

Carolyn and Gábor Bánfalvi, Taste of Hungary

This Budapest-based tour company offers a variety of food and wine experiences from two-hour wine tastings and afternoon food-themed walking tours in Budapest, to full-day wine tours to the region’s great wine-producing areas (including Tokaj and Burgenland) and ten-day tours covering several countries. Taste Hungary’s tours are food and wine-centered, and are focused on top quality local products, education, hands-on experiences, passionate people, and memorable experiences. They will also create customized itineraries and tours of the region. Give us a call or email if you’re interested in learning more: 888-316-2736, or email foodtoursatzingermansdotcom.