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Detroit, Michigan

June 3rd, 2016

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$290/person 22 people
Camp Bacon hits the road with Zingerman’s Food Tours this year for our very first high-energy tasting jaunt through the markets, kitchens, and breweries of Detroit. Our food adventurers will go behind the scenes to meet the chefs and taste-makers at the heart of the Motor City’s vibrant food scene. Detroit’s food scene is hot! Grounded in history with a modern high-energy twist, the spirit of innovation and soul of the city are reflected in its vibrant food and drink. If you’re hungry to understand more about this amazing rebirth through food, join us and take a behind-the-scenes tour. Learn more »


September 5-14, 2016

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$5,850/person sharing a room, $6,350/single 15 people
Croatia (just like the entire Central European region) has a colorful and complex history, which is reflected in its food and wine traditions. Though it is not a big country, its landscape, climate, history, cooking, and wines change dramatically from region to region. This trip will focus on the capital, Zagreb, where we’ll spend two days focusing on the Habsburg and Ottoman heritage, and the Istrian peninsula, which is said by locals to be the gourmet capital of the country. Learn more »

Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan

September 23-25, 2016 $1500/ person, $1700/ single 20 people
The Grand Traverse Bay area of Michigan brings the best of Lake Michigan’s bounty to our table. Traverse City, a charming Lake Michigan beach community, is a four-season outdoor recreation hub known for its freshwater sugar sand beaches and thriving wine, food and craft brewing scene. The unique growing seasons and fresh water lake breezes support the best farms, orchards, wineries and fishing in the Midwest. A vibrant community of chefs, artisanal food producers, farmers and distillers has joined forces to build and sustain one of the most interesting and robust food hubs in the country. Join us as we explore and understand the bounty and beauty of True North during the Fall Harvest. Learn more »


October 1-10, 2016 $6,450/person, $6,850/single 15 people
Come visit Tuscany and Emilia Romagna the Zingerman’s way. We’ll go behind the scenes and visit traditional small producers of some of the region’s finest foods – from the massive wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano, to the beautiful, small bottles of real balsamic vinegar, from Chianti Classico wines and artisanal olive oil to the melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto crudo. And we’ll roll up our sleeves and enjoy Tuscan cooking lessons in a 15th century villa in the rolling hills outside of Florence. Learn more »


March 19-28, 2017 $5,500/person, $6,000/single 12 people
Come with us on an unforgettable culinary adventure and experience the food, people, and culture of Morocco. From a private guest house in the Palmeraie, surrounded by lush gardens of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to the bustling, lively markets of Marrakech with their towers of fresh spices, to the wonderful traditional cooking of the mountain villages and sunny seaside towns of the region we will explore, this will be a tour to delight all your senses. Learn more »


May 8-18, 2017 $5,800/person, $6,200/single 15 people
Hungary has an incredibly rich and varied food tradition reaching back at least 1500 years, including an Eastern European Jewish influence. From the regional cheeses, wines, cured meats, and bountiful produce, to the incredible breads, pastries, and elegant multi-layered tortas, Hungary has it all. Come find out how much more there is to Hungarian food than its excellent paprika! Learn more »