Zingerman’s Food Tours

For over 30 years, Zingerman’s has brought the best and most flavorful foods of the world to your table. Our Food Tours take you to the source. If you’re hungry to explore behind the scenes, come with us. We use food as the way to connect to the history of a region, the spirit of its people and the rhythm of daily life. Zingerman’s Food Tours is your concierge to the best local guides, food, cultural experiences. Relax, enjoy and experience the best, because of our connections in the food and travel world. Souvenirs from our Tours include deeper understanding and sense of place, great images, tasty memories, recipes, friends and a sense of discovery fulfilled.

Our international tours feature:

  • 7 to 10 days in a beautiful international setting with a passionate Zingerman’s host
  • Itinerary designed to highlight the history and culture of traditional food and drink
  • Tasting the food through visits with artisanal food producers – their homes and workshops
  • Hands-on time in local kitchens, learning how to prepare local dishes
  • Intimate dining, celebrating the season’s  harvest
  • Hand-picked housing, to reflect the local sense of place
  • Small groups – 15 people maximum
  • Luxury, private transport
  • Activity level – Walking through the farms, vineyards and villages of the regions

Our Great American Food Tours feature:

  • 1 to 3 days in a vibrant American food setting with a passionate Zingerman’s host
  • Itinerary designed to highlight a deep sense of place and exclusive behind the scenes access to local chefs, farmers, distillers and food producers
  • Tasting and drinking at the side of our local food hosts, while they tell their story
  • Active discovery time in local food production sites – fields, barns, kitchens, food trucks and breweries
  • Break bread with our hosts at our Common Table. We dine at the source, and enjoy robust discussions with our local hosts, fueled by their favorite food and drink
  • Activity level – high energy and active pacing – biking, kayaking, hiking, boating may be involved
  • Interesting and thrifty housing
  • Small groups – 22 people maximum

Your travel experience with us will deposit you home with an understanding of the historical, cultural, and food uniqueness of the locale, your head full of the images of the people and places you have visited, where you’ve learned about the food and eaten your fill. If you’re hungry to explore and discover the world through food, learn more and come with us!