Zingerman’s Food Tours takes you behind the scenes…

to the source of amazing food and people from Verona to Paris to Croatia and more! Together we’ll venture off the beaten path, where local cuisine provides a direct connection to the history of a region, the soul of its people, and the rhythm of daily life.

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2019 tours


october 18 - 26

Paris & Champagne

Insiders’ Tour of the City that Food Dreams are Made Of

Paris has long been a city bursting with reasons to fall in love with food. For centuries, those who appreciate food and wine have been drawn here. The first restaurant was founded here, the world’s oldest café is still a local favorite, and even today, Paris’ markets are unrivaled. Whether eating ripe figs on the banks of the Seine, sipping a kir on the Boulevard St. Germain, or lingering over a dozen oysters on the half shell, Paris will capture the heart of any food lover.


september 9 - 18

Croatia, Italy, & Slovenia

A Taste of the ADRIATIC

These locations combine Habsburg and Ottoman heritage while the Istrian Peninsula (claimed by locals to be the gourmet capital of the country) has a cosmopolitan past, with Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian influences. The emblematic dishes of the peninsula, rich in truffles, Boskarin beef, oysters, Adriatic seafood (cooked and raw), cheese, aged prsut, olive oil, and homemade pasta, rival those in neighboring Italy. Of course, there will be plenty of the local wine—Malvazia and Terran—to accompany this amazing food.


october 5 - 14


adventure with wine & food

Come visit Tuscany and Emilia Romagna the Zingerman’s way. We’ll go behind the scenes and visit traditional small producers of some of the region’s finest foods – from the massive wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano,to the beautiful, small bottles of real balsamic vinegar, from Chianti Classico wines and artisanal olive oil to the melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto crudo.

2020 Tours


June 5 - 12


APril 30-may4

London - Long Weekend


This 4-day tour is designed especially for those who want to explore the culinary joys of London with Zingerman’s. Come along and discover just how rich, varied, and delicious the London food scene has become! Join us for a walk through the backdrop of British nobility, industrial triumph, and the influence of foreign trade on the city’s culinary history. We’ll learn from and team up with our friends at Neal’s Yard Dairy for an afternoon of traditional British cheese. Local, vibrant food markets will be our playground, and we’ll even take part in a British baking class. During our time together, we’ll come to understand the evolution of British cuisine and why in 2019, London is one of the world’s most important and delicious food cities.


israel - Much more than milk and honey

Israel is a remarkable country to visit for those of us interested in food, culture, and history. The variety of experience is dizzying as is the contrast of ancient and modern! In this small geographical area we will engage with a full range of food production methods from ancient terraced plots surrounding Jerusalem to the most modern agricultural practices of seaweed production and agriculture in the desert.

Verona, Italy

MAY4 -11, 2020

Every corner of the country boasts its own spin on traditional Italian cuisine, but Verona’s dishes stand out as exceptional. The Veronese menu is often centered around meat, but fresh pasta, polenta, the regional rice “Vialone nano,” and delicious wines round out the eating experience. We’ll embark on a full-flavored journey of the Veneto that will leave you in awe of the variety Northern Italy has to offer.

Lyon & Jura, France

(sold Out)

MAY 17-25, 2020

In 1935, the noted food critic Curnonsky called Lyon "the gastronomic capital of the world." Since then, little has changed — Lyon continues to reign supreme. Lyon became the birthplace of nouvelle cuisine in the 1970s under Paul Bocuse, and in recent years was chosen to be the international capital of Gastronomy.. Boasting incredible dining experiences in Bouchons—the Lyonnais restaurants that serve local fare like sausages, duck pâté, and local wines—the city of Lyon has been a favorite for food lovers and you can count us big fans!   



June 8-18 2020

In the last decade, no country has influenced our own culinary creations more than the artisanal food of Hungary. The country has an incredibly rich and varied food tradition reaching back millennia, including an Eastern European Jewish influence that’s been of great interest to us. From the regional cheeses, the incredible wines, thoughtful cured meats, and bountiful produce, to the incredible breads, pastries, and elegant multi-layered tortas, Hungary has it all. Join us and discover how much more there is to Hungarian food than its excellent paprika!

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Mallorca, Spain

May22-30, 2020



Zingerman's Food Tours is excited to explore this special location with you! Together we will enjoy the Balearic island cuisine of fresh, daily-caught fish, fresh local vegetables, Mahón cheese, soups and stews, local cured pork, such as sobrasada and longaniza, and a variety of savory and sweet baked goods made from the prized Mallorcan wheat. Horchata made from the island’s almonds and an unparalleled orange juice round out our culinary experience ensconced in one of Europe’s most desirable destinations.