Locations · Catalonia, Spain · May 25th -June 2nd, 2019 · 2 spots left

Our tour will begin and end in Barcelona. (We encourage guests to come a day or more ahead, and stay a day or more after, if you’d like to explore Barcelona more fully; we will get a small taste of Barcelona but will spend most of our time in the countryside and on the Delta del Ebro.

We will be staying within the region of Catalonia with a moderate amount of travel compared to our other tours. We’ve arranged it so that the times on the bus are generally only an hour or two. To do this we will have to move our hotel for the first 3 days, then we’ll settle in for 2 days in the wine region followed by 3 days on the delta. The hotels will range from very modern to a simpler country style. All will be clean and comfortable and have bathrooms in the rooms.

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